Benefits compared to air-knife


The separator only affect the blank being separated as opposed to an air-knife which affects multiple blanks. If the blanks flutter there is a risk of the suction cup frame missing the blanks in which case the operator have to climb in to the table area to get rid of the damaged blanks.

Fast production level

When the suction-cup frame comes to pick up the blank it is separated and fixed in a specified position, which means that the frame will never have to stop and wait on the separation which allows for higher production speed.

High production level

During the separation, the second blanks position is fixed, not allowing any sliding or moving out of position which would cause the blank being in a wrong position for the next station causing problems, stops and lost production time.

Low impact on environment

The separator consumes 95.0 - 99.70% less energy compared to a high-pressure system using an air-knife. The cheapest and cleanest energy is the energy we don’t use.

Cost savings

Due to low energy consumption the operating cost will be less. The separator consumes energy worth approximately 21.5 Euro a year. One air-knife consumes energy worth approximately 4 000 - 6 500 Euro a year. The cost saving is 32000 – 52000 Euro every year with a separator solution of 4 separators instead of 8 air-knives, only on air consumption (Over 5 years that is 164000-260000 Euro).

Compressor cost

The separator consumes less air compared to an air-knife and runs on standard compressed air, while an air-knife requires a compressor worth about 7 500 - 25 000 Euro.

Work environment

Avoiding high air-pressure systems that would cause air-born particles being inhaled by the staff.

Health risk

Avoiding high pressure air systems that would cause delivery-oil particles being inhaled by the staff which may cause cancer and other serious work-related illnesses.

Quality improvements

Avoiding high pressure air systems that would cause air-born particles that may leave marks on the final body part.

Sound level

Internationally there are noise level recommendations for factories, in some countries it is already a law.

The noise from machines should not exceed 80 decibel.

  • The separator has a noise level of 76-77 decibel
  • A typical air-knife for destackers has a noise level over 90 dB

The separator uses a lower air pressure compared to air-knife systems who often require costly measures or an expensive sound proof container that reduces access around the cell for the operators.

Environmental certification

A changing from an energy consuming system to the energy friendly separator system can lower a company’s total energy consumption considerably.

Future law requirements

Energy saving is coming strongly because of nuclear power plants closing down in some countries and those effects on the energy resources following, etc.